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Nano zinc oxide for rubber
Author:Fenghai Nano Date:2012-04-11

Appearance: White or light white powder
Features: Nano zinc oxide is a multi-functional agent for rubber, it can replace of ordinary zinc oxide in the formula as vulcanizing activator, can reduce the volume of zinc oxide for the surface effect and small dimensional effect of nano materials, increase the cross-linking density of the rubber materials, increase the adhesion between rubber material, cord thread and steel wire, increase the anti-tearing property, improve the heat dissipation capacity and the usability of the tyre products, extend the service life.
Usage: Mainly used in NR and synthetic rubber, is the vulcanizing activator of CR, NBR and other polar rubbers.
Packing: 20kg/bag。
Storage: Sealed, dry.


Quality index :

  Item   Fx-1
  Zinc oxide %                                                                                      ≥   95
  Ignition loss%                                                                                   ≤   4
  Copper ppm                                                                                      ≤   0.0002
  Manganese ppm                                                                              ≤   0.0002
  Lead ppm                                                                                          ≤   0.001
  Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter                                               ≤   0.04
  Specific surface area ㎡/g                                                               ≥   50
  Packing density                                                                                ≤


  Particle size nm                                                                                ≤   30

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